Mr Krab-i Restaurant
Logo, Business cards, Menu, Drink Coasters, Lightbox Signage, Stencil Art.
I was commissioned to design the identity for Mr Krab-i, a Thai-Italian fusion restaurant. Mr Krab-i Restaurant is a beautifully restored traditional Thai woodhouse, and also the oldest in the region.
The client requested a design that was "quirky and playful yet simple", and incorporated the use of a memorable character that would also work as a stand-alone logotype. After commencing research into the region, I was inspired by a crab which is a native of Krabi, Thailand, where the restaurant is located. The male crab has one huge claw which he waves constantly to show off and capture the attention of the female crab.
Once the final logo was developed, colour was introduced, however I ultimately felt that mono suited the logo as colour seemed to remove the spark of the design.​​​​​​​
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