'Shhh, there’s a Monster in Dad’s shed’ is a series of illustrations with a target audience of 4-6 year olds. 
My first step in gaining inspiration was to research children's books. I noted that books targeted at this age group tend to use bright colours and simplistic shapes (for example ‘Spot’ by Eric Hill). This age group cannot read yet (or are only starting to learn) so they would generally be looking at the pictures whilst the story is read to them. As a fan of retro style illustrators like Greg Abott and Julian Baker, I felt that this style of illustration was perfect for a children's book about a monster. The bright colours and simplistic shapes would make the monster appear friendly and the style follows the general design of illustrations that appeal to young children.
Retro illustrations tend to have a fairly limited colour palette of around three or four colours. I chose to use seven tints of green and orange to achieve this style, and by extending the colour palette the illustrations have a modernised feel to them. By doing this the colours are not only appealing to young children but also to their parents who may feel a nostalgic yearning.
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